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Post acute withdrawal syndrome

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

post acute withdrawal syndrome

According to professional definition post acute withdrawal syndrome, are the set of symptoms that appears after the withdrawal of addictive substances.
Addictive chemicals like antidepressants, opiates, and alcohol produce consistent disorders after the acute withdrawal. Anxiety, irritability, depression, insomnia, mental stress, lack of decision-making abilities and insufficient concentration are the major psychological persistent impairments.While the seizures, metabolite disorders, tremor problem in breathing and seizures are the prominent physical diseases found in post-acute withdrawal.

Stages Of Withdrawal

Withdrawal syndromes generally appear in two stages, the first stage is called acute stage and another one is called post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Acute Stage

The time span of an acute stage is round about 2 to 3 week.This stage starts just user stop drugs.

Acute stage symptoms depend on the addict’s body and on the type of drug.Commonly, at this stage patient feels physical disorders.stretching of heart muscles, which is called cardiomyopathy.Stiffness in the body, headache, and impulsive heart beat, are the major problems found at an early stage.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Also known as protracted withdrawal.In this stage, addict feels both physical and psychological disorders.Because of the severe resistance of drugs, the user can relate towards drugs.Post-acute withdrawal stretches over the years.

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